Which software and hardware requirements are necessary for online applications?
Please ensure that the pop-up window blockers in your browser, possible virus protection software or similar programs are deactivated. JavaScript must be activated. Additionally since you may need to complete online tests, the Flash plug-in must be version 6 or higher. If you are completing the tests on a laptop you should attach an external mouse.

Which screen resolution is ideal?
The pages are optimized for a 1024 x 768 pixel resolution.

Which browser types are supported?
Internet Explorer beginning with version 7, Firefox 3.0 and above, Safari 5.0.6 and above. The correct functioning of pages may not be guaranteed when using other browser types.

In order to see the current status of My Career Cockpit I am supposed to empty the cache of my Mozilla Firefox Internet browser. How do I do that?
Please empty the cache as follows:- Start/Open Mozilla Firefox - Press "Shift + Ctrl + Del" - Check the "Cache" box -Then press "OK" - Restart Mozilla Firefox and log-in to My Career Cockpit again.

Why aren’t some elements displayed?
The application only works correctly when all fonts and entry elements in the browser and in the operating system are set to normal/standard size. Large font types and active input aids can lead to distortions in the layout and the incomplete displaying of certain elements.

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